You Might Be Here Because:

  • You are looking to improve or polish your professional image.
  • Your closet is bursting with clothing and accessories, but you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear.
  • You’re in a style rut and want to dress to impress.
  • You wear the same outfits over and over again.
  • You want to open your closet and have the contents match your job, lifestyle, and personality.
  • You find shopping to be a chore and finding clothes that fit is an even bigger chore.
  • You want your wardrobe to feel current and stylish on a daily basis.
  • You want to gain a sense of style while still feeling comfortable and put together.
  • You are looking for a 2-hour to full-day image workshop for your company or small group.

Conway Image Consulting can help you look your best.  Whether you need a few tips to define your style, improve your professional image, want to reclaim order of your closet, or would like to revamp your entire look, I can show you the way.  Not only will I give you practical tips so you can use what’s already in your closet, but I’ll also help you pick new clothes that flatter your unique shape and showcase the best you. I’ve worked with hundreds of professionals and entrepreneurs throughout Wisconsin and Illinois over the past seven years. With me as your Image Consultant and Style Coach, you’ll not only look great, you’ll feel amazing! And, that in my book is the most important piece.  Life is too short.  Let’s get started today!