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How you present yourself at work can have a significant impact upon your career, but your presentation isn’t limited to your clothing. It’s the sum total of your office, networking, social media, and even after-work behavior. It’s also a matter of grooming, body language, and etiquette.

With my series of business workshops, I customize discussions for small and large offices, retreats, and conferences on topics such as decoding dress codes, building a functional work wardrobe, and effective networking.

Whether your office has a pain point that you’d like to address or could simply use a refresher on appropriate cell phone behavior, I am happy to tailor presentations to your needs.

Business Workshops Are Perfect For

professional image consulting

Learning how to set a modern dress code that works for everyone.

Providing your staff with professional presentation and image training.

Addressing situations of poor etiquette before real problems emerge.

LeAnn presented a workshop to our commercial lending team focusing on professional image management. The workshop was very well received, and those in attendance provided quite a bit of positive feedback, both on LeAnn’s presentation, and how it would impact their style decisions. In fact, our Chairman said, of her presentation, “Best money I’ve ever spent.” We will be having LeAnn back to present additional topics to an even broader audience.  I highly recommend engaging LeAnn’s services, especially if you’re looking to present some very thoughtful and valuable insight to your staff.”
– Stephen DeLassus (Senior VP – Commercial Lending / Tri City National Bank)

Workshop Clients

Business Workshop Topics

  • Building a Functional Work Wardrobe
  • Decoding Dress Codes
  • Dress for Success
  • How to Network with Grace and Confidence
  • Make the Right Impression
  • Sharpen Your Professional Image
  • The A, B, C, and D’s of your Image
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Dining Etiquette
  • What to Wear When Your Presenting

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